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The Apple Watch and its Mystery Port

Much has been said about the Apple Watch and that it has not yet been released. But little or nothing has been said about its six-pin port which it includes and which is usually used by Apple for diagnostics and as direct access to the operating system. Let’s see the possibilities of this Apple Watch port in more detail below.

New uses for the Apple Watch port

Apple has not yet mentioned this port and will have to mention it at some point, perhaps next Monday in its new keynote. Several sources have confirmed its existence , although there is a possibility that this port will be removed in the final version of the clock, specifically the one that arrives in the shops.

The Apple Watch and its Mystery Port
The Apple Watch and its Mystery Port

At the moment it is known that it is only used for diagnostics or as direct access to the operating system , but there are other types of ports such as the Lightning of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which Apple has opened for use by third parties and which gives possibilities to the development of accessories that can be connected to the Lightning port.

The Apple Watch port has a six-point brass contact matrix on the inside of the slot under the watch strap. This connector is very similar to the Lightning connector, but in its case it only uses six of the eight pins that it has available, perhaps because those two extra pins give the possibility of connecting future accessories, as would be the case with the mysterious port discovered in the Apple Watch.

Smart belts or other accessories thanks to the port

One of the possibilities that this mysterious port could provide would be the ability to connect smart straps to the Apple Watch. We have no doubt that Apple has thought about the design of every millimeter of its first smartwatch and we find it strange that a connector of this style is included without any mention on its part.

A new strap could be included that would be connected to that “expansion” port and would offer more capability in collecting data and information on the user’s health by adding sensors that measure tension, blood pressure and other uses on the strap itself. Alternatively it may be possible to include an extra battery in the watch strap , which would give more life to the device and thus resolve the controversy over its duration, which for some is sufficient and for others is scarce.

Other smartwatches will implement something similar

The manufacturer of Pebble, one of the most successful smartwatches of the moment, has already revealed that the next generation of his watch will include an open platform for accessory manufacturers to build hardware for the watch , such as a GPS or a health monitor and all from a port similar to that presented by the Apple Watch.

It is not a crazy idea that Apple has thought about the possibility of including this port to increase the features of your watch in the future or to extend the life of the watch and that the user does not have to get a new device every year. This would also give more reasons for the existence of the Apple Watch Edition model, which could see its features extended thanks to this connection port and thus make its high output price a little more profitable.

In the keynote of next Monday, March 9th, at 19:00 Spanish time, we will be able to see the final models of the Apple Watch, if at the end they will include this connection port, in addition to the prices, launch date and the countries that are going to receive the smartwatch first.

Now let’s think about the possibilities that a port of this type could give in the Apple Watch and that we have known thanks to TechCrunch. What use would you like this port of the Apple Watch to offer? You can write your options in the comments.

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