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The Apple Watch and all smart watches increased their sales in 2018

Last week we learned from Strategy Analytics that the Apple Watch was the best-selling smart watch of the past year . Although this leadership was somewhat predictable, it has now been more than confirmed thanks to a new IDC report in which we saw how the Apple watch was the best-selling watch of the past year, specifically in the fourth and final quarter. This report also points out a hypothesis on the reasons for the growth of the Apple Watch in the market .

As the IDC report reports, Apple is the undisputed leader in the cable market, thanks to the large revenues from Apple Watch sales. Although this device entered the market in 2014 somewhat hesitantly and with software that was too fair for what was expected, it has finally managed to grow not only in sales but also in performance . This is why the Apple Watch Series 4 was considered, along with the Series 3 in 2017, the first really efficient Apple watches in terms of performance and battery.

The Apple Watch and all smart watches increased their sales in 2018
The Apple Watch and all smart watches increased their sales in 2018

The data provided by IDC shows that, overall, all smart watches grew by 31.4% during the last 4 months of 2018 . This meant the sale of almost 60 million devices, a record for the sector. This, in line with the whole of 2018, meant growth of 27.5% and 172.2 million devices sold.

As for the Apple Watch, it is worth noting that according to this report, 10.4 million Apple Watch were sold during the months of September, October, November and December last year . Without going so far as to specify which specific models they were, it can be intuited that the fact that the Apple Watch Series 4 was presented in September may have influenced consumers’ decisions. The Series 3 would also have benefited from this by having reduced its price when a more recent version was found.

However, despite the well-known benefits of Apple’s smart watch, Cupertino’s are not the only ones to launch this type of device. Other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Fitbit and Samsung also have smart watches on the market and have seen their sales grow as well.

Source: IDC

The distance in the fourth quarter of 2018 of Apple with Xiaomi , in second position in sale of wereables, meant a difference of 14.8% as we see in the image. However, it should be noted that the Chinese company grew by 1% over the same period in 2017 and that Apple also reduced its market share by just over 2%.

The most notable case is Huawei , which managed to take third place, increasing its market share from 3.6% in the fourth quarter of 2017 to 9.6% in this period of 2018. This helped him to reach third position and overtake Fitbit and Samsung , who had a market share of 9.4% and 6.8% respectively.

Thus we see how, despite having lost market share, Apple sold more Apple Watch units and continues to lead the market for smart watches . Without a doubt, we must highlight the good work of the firm led by Tim Cook with a product for which they always clearly bet, unlike other brands whose watches are presented in a more discreet way.