The Apple Store at Sol dresses in red to commemorate World AIDS Day

Every December 1st is World AIDS Day, a date that has always been special for Apple. The company has taken advantage of the occasion to dress its stores in red and raise awareness among its visitors about the importance of fighting this terrible disease. To this end, they have prepared a series of changes that can be seen both inside and outside their stores.

This morning I went to the Sol Apple Store in the heart of Madrid, the same one we opened last June, to find out more about this project. It is surprising to see the effort and deployment of this company to increase the scope of its program (Product) RED of fight with another AIDS.

A good cause that stains red

The Apple Store at Sol dresses in red to commemorate World AIDS Day
The Apple Store at Sol dresses in red to commemorate World AIDS Day

Before we enter any Apple Store we will know that today is a special day. On the façade of Sol’s store, which is very sober in itself, we will see how something has changed: the Apple logo is red. A detail that for many may not be important but that for the Californian company, not given to playing with its corporate image, is a gesture out of the ordinary.

Once inside the shop we will see how red is once again one of the predominant colours. As soon as we enter the left side we will see a table with several mini iPads covered by a red Smart Cover. On the shelves at the back, which are normally occupied by accessories and products of various colours, today the shelves are occupied by models in red or with some component in this colour.

If we decide to go for a test drive of one of the exposed iOS devices, we will also notice a change. On the occasion of this day, all participating apps installed on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the Apple Store will be the (RED) versions. Angry Birds, Clash of Clans, Monument Valley and Paper by 53 are some of the 25 apps that have developed exclusive content and whose entire proceeds will go to the fight against AIDS.

To accompany this project, all employees of the physical Apple stores have changed their traditional blue shirts for red ones. Overall, the end result is a real effort by the company to highlight and give visibility to this disease.

The Apple and Product (RED) Tour

The Product (RED) initiative was created by the singer Bono in 2006. Since then, several companies have participated in one way or another, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Armani, SAP, American Express and Beats . Given the traditional relationship between the leader of U2 and Steve Jobs, Cupertino’s company was quick to sign up and offer several of its products adapted to the brand.

According to this project, a percentage of the original sales price of the products in the line (RED) would be allocated to research and the fight against AIDS. However, in Apple’s case, since today is World AIDS Day, this percentage will be applied to all the products in the company’s catalogue. In other words, a percentage of all sales made today will contribute to this program.

Of the $275 million raised by the Global Fund, Apple has contributed $75 million
Product (RED).

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From time to time, specific apple products also emerge that have the same objective. For example, last year Jony Ive and Marc Newson created a special red Mac Pro for an auction at Sotheby’s. The money raised goes entirely to Product (RED).

In all the time Apple has been participating in this campaign it has donated more than 75 million dollars , 10 million more than up to September last year. If we consider that the Global Fund against AIDS has raised more than 275 million so far, this is a considerable contribution. This is great news and a real step forward in the eradication of AIDS.

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