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The Apple speaker version is now available

UPDATE : Apple has apparently withdrawn the iOS 13.2 update for the HomePod after reports from some users that it has blocked their speakers.

In recent weeks we have seen the software update for the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Apple TV with their respective new versions. Today it’s the turn of Apple’s Smart Speaker that after the iOS 13.2 update, the HomePod will have iOS 13.2 available for download and installation. We’ll tell you how to do it and what’s new for your speaker.

How to upgrade your HomePod to iOS 13.2

The Apple speaker version is now available
The Apple speaker version is now available

Updating the HomePod is easy once you know where to turn. On your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the House app, in the first tab press the Edit button. You can also press and hold the HomePod to display its tab.
  • At the bottom right you will see a gear icon. Press it to access the HomePod (or pair of speakers) settings.
  • As soon as iOS 13.2 is available for installation, you will see a menu that says “Software Update”.

When you press that button, your iPhone will proceed to download and install iOS 13 on your HomePod .

iOS 13.2 on your HomePod: all new features

Once you have installed the software update on your speaker, it will gain new features and abilities. iOS 13.2 on the HomePod has two major improvements: multi-user support and Handoff . the multi-user support, by which you will be able to differentiate the commands according to the person giving them, up to a maximum of six people (at the moment, not available in English) That is, it will be able to differentiate between users and serve them the appropriate content to their requests. Music, personal requests, messages, reminders, lists, calendars, and making and receiving phone calls are all customizable features.

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As for Handoff, this is a feature that made its debut with iOS 8 and through which both the Mac and the iPhone and iPad began to work in a more integrated way. Applied to the HomePod and iPhone, it means that we can move the audio that is playing on one of them to the other, just by bringing them closer together. The idea is to be able to “deliver” the audio from the iPhone to the HomePod when we get home and “pick it up” from the HomePod when we leave. So far, it looks like it will work with both Podcasts and Apple Music.

This HomePod update adds, among other changes, English language multi-user support and more home automation options, two enhancements that make the Apple speaker more useful

In addition, the HomePod adds 100,000 radio stations that can be played by asking Siri. This update also adds ambient sounds that can be played by the Apple speaker, including sounds of waves, birds in the forest or rain.

Finally, the HomePod under iOS 13.2 has greater integration in home automation. Thanks to new actions in Shortcuts, the HomePod can be used to program certain rooms or execute specific actions. All this in a more sophisticated and advanced way than in the past.

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