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the Apple Smart Ring

A few months ago Apple registered one of the most interesting patents of recent times. Focusing on the world of wearables, the document requested contained the design of a smart ring, which could replace the functions of the Apple Watch. Although doubts remained from the beginning, a second document has provided a clearer idea of its purpose.

According to information shared in Appleinsider based on an earlier patent application regarding a portable ring, Apple has included the U1 chip for a point detection system. That is, by making a gesture on the ring, the user can point to his other devices. This modification answers questions about the specific method of indicating which device to do something with.

the Apple Smart Ring
the Apple Smart Ring

Thanks to the U1 chip, the patent claims that the device would be useful for switching back and forth between different input modes, such as a keyboard and a mouse, can be inefficient: “Therefore, there is a need for a more discreet, secure, efficient or ergonomic way to interact with touch panels or touch screens”. The patent also adds:

“(A ring gives the user) faster and more efficient methods and interfaces for controlling external electronic devices, thus increasing effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction with such devices”.

According to Apple, this ring can replace the computer’s mouse, since in addition to being more portable, it does not require the user’s presence entirely in front of it to perform certain functions. In a more practical situation, Cupertino believes that the ring could be a remarkable controller for other devices and an information receiver, being able to work with HomeKit to unlock a user’s front door or turn on his lights, for example.

For example, according to the patent, if a user has two HomePods, he can point to the one he wants to turn up the volume. Perhaps if you need to display the screen of your iPhone on a nearby monitor, you could activate AirPlay by pointing at the screen you want.

The bet for the wearables is one of the great successes of Apple Will this be its next step?