The Apple Pay Bash at Black Friday

This last Black Friday was not only a great day for those who found great deals on the products they were looking for, but also for the big companies as they were able to see which of their services and products work.

Before we go any further, do you know what Black Friday is? Black Friday, which originated in the United States and is a day after Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in this country. On this day, shops reduce the price of products, even making big discounts .

The Apple Pay Bash at Black Friday
The Apple Pay Bash at Black Friday

In this case we are talking about Apple and its Apple Pay, which as they say in Cult of Mac, the use of this service has fallen enormously in the day of the sales .

It is very striking because this Black Friday has been quite beneficial for the company of the bitten apple , has sold many more products than other years and its platform is from which more has been bought this day.

Something had to go wrong

Apple’s payment system has been their Achilles’ heel, not everything could go right for Cupertino’s. According to the report on which this news is focused, only half of the users who used Apple Pay last year on Black Friday have used it this year on the same day .

However, this analysis by InfoScout of 300,000 buyers on the day of the big sale does not reflect all users of this service . It is a sample of all of them, which although it does not sentence the death of Apple Pay does say that something is going on. On the other hand, this study does not include purchases made through Apple Pay-compatible applications.

Not everything has to be a success

However, Apple’s continuing fame and success may have accustomed users to the growing numbers, may only be stabilizing . Because what cannot be denied is that in the last year the number of brands that accept its service has increased and, in addition, others have launched products to make the payment system of those of the apple compatible with small businesses, for example Square.

Something that we cannot forget is that Apple Pay has not been around for much longer than a year , and its enormous use at the beginning could be due to the so-called effect that creates this type of functionality for us restless users.

But how does Apple Pay work?

Here’s a video from Apple where he explains it to you. Don’t miss it!

In short, this fact is a great wake-up call for Apple and will encourage it to take action ,because we don’t think Cupertino’s company is going to stand idly by in the face of this fact. Do you think the same thing will happen when it arrives in our country? Would you use the Apple platform in your purchases?

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