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The Apple Online Store integrates with social media

Integration with social networks is, nowadays, fundamental for any business. They offer the possibility for third parties to advertise your products selflessly. Now, Apple has activated Twitter and Facebook publishing for some of its products through the Online Store.

This is something that many of us have discussed before. Frankly, it was strange that Apple had not yet applied it to the web, knowing the importance of the major social networks in almost the entire world.

The Apple Online Store integrates with social mediaThe Apple Online Store integrates with social media

As the title of this entry says, Apple’s online store starts allowing publications in social networks . To see it, we must go to the Online Store, enter a product, go to the option “Select” and in it we find a tab that will allow us to share on Twitter and Facebook the information of the article we are looking at. At the moment we can only see it in the Mac Pro section and the iPod Classic section , but surely this implementation will be extended to the rest of the products on the block. Perhaps Apple is checking what results it can obtain thanks to this socialization of its website and that is why the modification has not been generalized, or they have simply decided to activate it in only two of their products until a next update of the website.

Here is an example of the text shown when wanting to publish the information on Twitter:

iPod classic 160 GB – Black – http:/

Apple has added this social feature progressively in its programs. Let’s remember that this option is already included in iTunes since the update in September 2009 and that the future version of iOS 5 offers a complete integration between Twitter and our native applications. In addition, in Lion we have the opportunity to underline the text of any application, hit options and tweet it on the microblogging network .

That’s quite a hit on Apple’s part. Social networks are growing, and no one should be left out of this mass phenomenon.