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The Apple Logo on iPhone 6 Could be Made of Liquidmetal

New leaks on the iPhone 6 rear case

New photos have appeared showing an alleged iPhone 6 case with some small design changes from the leaks that have appeared over the past few months . The first one is a change in the place where the volume buttons go, which are now a bit more inserted inside the metal body, so they wouldn’t stick out as much as they do in the current models. The cases that have been leaked from the supposed new iPad also have this same design change.

Another rather curious detail is the Apple logo. Seeing it stamped on many of these previously filtered housings, many have been speculating that the logo could be backlit, but as we’ve seen, that’s something very difficult considering that between the screen illumination and the back of the terminal is the battery. However, in this model the logo is not translucent and is also made of a material quite resistant to the dreaded scratches.

The Apple Logo on iPhone 6 Could be Made of LiquidmetalThe Apple Logo on iPhone 6 Could be Made of Liquidmetal

This makes us think that is perhaps the famous Liquidmetal , a very resistant type of metal that until now Tim Cook’s people have only used for the manufacture of the tool that allows to extract the SIM card tray. In any case, the rumor of Liquidmetal is something that is also repeated year after year and so far Apple has never made use of this material beyond that tool for the SIM card tray . Will it do so now with the arrival of the new iPhone 6?

New details appear in the possible design

In another of the photos, we can see the detail of a camera module that protrudes from the case as it already happens in the fifth generation iPod touch, something that I personally don’t like at all.

This rumour of the camera module that already stands out has been going around for a long time and refers to the 5.5-inch model but it is not known whether the design on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 could also be like that. Although the fact that Apple has already done something like this on the iPod touch gives more credibility to this idea.

As we have seen, most rumors point to the same place, although this time there seem to be some variations that could make us think that not everything is said about what could be the final design of the next Apple smartphone.

What do you think of the new images that have appeared on the back of the new iPhone 6 ? Do you think the company will include a logo made of liquidmetal? Tell us what you think, we’d love to hear from you.