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The Apple folding iPhone could be as this concept shows

This MWC 2019 has been marked by the new folding phones introduced by different brands such as Huawei and Samsung and also the 5G. Of these two aspects that will mark the future of technology these years Apple has not participated in any with any product . 5G connectivity is not expected in the iPhone until 2020 when Intel will present its compatible modems, which is logical, as the extension of this connectivity until 2020 will not start to be important. And as far as folding phones are concerned, although we have not yet seen the iPhone with a flexible screen that is already patented, a designer has wanted to shape it as he believes this new iPhone would be.

Although at the moment the Apple folding iPhone is only in a series of patents of the companies since Foldable News have wanted to share a series of images of how the baptized iPhone X Fold would look based on the designs of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X . The truth is that the concept is incredibly beautiful and so that you can appreciate it we leave you an animation below:

The Apple folding iPhone could be as this concept shows
The Apple folding iPhone could be as this concept shows

As we can see, the iPhone would have two screens that we could fold to give way to a design better known by all with a 21:9 format. Once opened and unfolded we could have a screen with dimensions similar to those of an iPad, although this designer has also simulated that it can be used as a Mac by placing it in such a way that we can write in a simple way as a computer.

This is obviously a simple concept that we will probably not see realized for many years to come since as we say there is some kind of patent on it. What is clear is that this kind of advancement is what a group of users are demanding in order to update their old device.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this kind of concept, do you find it attractive?

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