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The Apple event left users and analysts disappointed

We’ve been talking for some time about a new approach to Apple’s services, making even these services a priority at a time when the mobile industry in general is in a state of innovation shortage, and that touches the iPhone. This Monday, this commitment materialized at the Apple event where we were introduced to the services of Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+.

Apple’s event disappointed most

A majority of users made clear the disappointment with Apple after Monday’s event in numerous forums and social networks. Beyond the somewhat slow pace of the keynote, the truth is that what was presented by Apple did not end up convincing users, and this is also reflected in the company’s main analysts and investors.

The Apple event left users and analysts disappointed
The Apple event left users and analysts disappointed

The 9to5Mac media has been in charge of recapitulating different impressions that come from important companies like Goldman Sachs , entity that precisely was an indirect protagonist of the event when collaborating in the creation of the Apple Card, they were somewhat disappointed with Cupertino’s company. As reported by CNBC, the bank stated that the presentation at the event was somewhat “substantially different” from the expectations they had set .

One of the most controversial areas for investors and analysts was the Apple TV Channels and Apple TV+ services. The fact that the company did not announce an imminent launch did not please other financial entities such as JP Morgan. The failure to announce the prices of some services also raised the pessimism of investors.

Not everything is bad prognosis

Unlike the companies mentioned above, not everything was a bad omen for Apple. Morgan Stanley was more optimistic in predicting that the target price of the apple firm’s shares could be raised from 197 dollars to 220 . Similar case to PiperJaffray, which in its prediction estimates a value of $201 per share to the company.


From La Manzana Mordida we want to be prudent in predicting what may happen with Apple in the economic aspect. As far as services are concerned, we believe that we still have to wait to see the launch of the platforms to be able to judge to what extent they may be worthwhile compared to other existing alternatives in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated.

What do you think of the new platforms presented at the Apple event? Do you think the company will manage to make them grow and lead the sector? Tell us your impressions in the comment box.