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The Apple Clips app is updated with many new features

Clips is one of the most unknown Apple applications that allows us to edit our videos with incredible effects . Now the company has just released a major update loaded with new features such as the addition of the famous Memoji and Animoji.

The update is now available on the App Store and not only will you be able to use the Memoji and Animoji, we also have new Christmas filters, new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stickers and new languages available.

The Apple Clips app is updated with many new features
The Apple Clips app is updated with many new features

The advent of Animoji and Memoji to Clips allows users to create custom videos using your own creations that will integrate with other Clip features. You can even add the Animoji or Memoji once you have recorded the video , which is also compatible with the super wide-angle of the new iPhone 11.

That’s how Apple explains it:

With this update, Memoji created and customized in the iOS Messages app will automatically appear in Clips. Users will also be able to combine their Animoji and Memoji with all the other Clip features, such as art filters, animated text, music, stickers, and more. In addition, Animoji can be changed once the video has been recorded. And because the front camera field of view on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is wider, users can record video clips with much more image “.

Now, animated stickers and emojis can follow users’ face movements thanks to the iPhone and iPad’s front camera. So, even if they move up and down, left or right or forward or backward, the fun objects they add, such as sunglasses or snacks, will still be associated with the face and the video effects will be much more fun “.

In addition to all this, this new update also includes these new features:

  • A “Let It Snow” poster representing the spirit of winter.
  • Seven new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse stickers.
  • Support for languages that are written from right to left, including Arabic and Hebrew


If you want to have the most original stories of all Instagram , our recommendation is that you download Clips, Apple has introduced very interesting improvements to create incredible videos.

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