The Apple Card will link to the iPhone in the same way as the AirPod

On March 25th we saw an Apple event where several services were presented. Many users have called the keynote boring in general and, while waiting for the official arrival of the different services, there is one that has attracted the attention of users. We are talking about the Apple Card , the new Apple credit card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and issued by MasterCard . In this post we tell you how you can link to the iPhone.

Since Cupertino they have the goal of standardizing the Apple Card in a virtual way. For this reason, it offers the possibility of keeping the card digitally on an iPhone and making payments through Apple Pay. However, not all establishments allow payment through this service and therefore a physical card will also be issued. Now we have known how this card will be linked to the iPhone thanks to a video published by the user Khaos Tian on Twitter.

The Apple Card will link to the iPhone in the same way as the AirPod
The Apple Card will link to the iPhone in the same way as the AirPod

As we see in the video, the way the card will be linked in iOS is very similar to the way the AirPods will be linked . In the case of the headphones, when their case is opened, a box appears on the iPhone’s screen in which we can connect them. For the Apple Card, something similar will happen. When the device is brought close to the card , an NFC connection will be established which will make the iPhone recognise it .

Please note that the Apple Card does not have any code or visible number with which we can enter information into the card’s iPhone. Therefore, the way in which it can be linked is very novel. However, as indicated by 9to5Mac, this method would still be under development under a beta with the code name “Broadway” .

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Also from 9to5Mac they show a video, which you can see by clicking here, and in which you can see more clearly the screen of the iPhone through a screen recording. This iPhone has the iOS 12.3 beta 1 and shows how it is linked to the Apple Card. As you can see, it’s quick and easy.

We are waiting for news about the official launch of the Apple Card in the United States and its possible expansion to more countries, including Spain. For the time being, we will have to make do with this type of video and information that is emerging on the web.

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