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The Apple Car Already Exists and is Circulating in Your City

Pero es más, varios modelos multimedia de Pioneer –que puedes tener en tu coche– son actualizables para poder contar con CarPlay .

The Apple Car Already Exists and is Circulating in Your City
The Apple Car Already Exists and is Circulating in Your City

Desde luego, no podemos negar que el Apple Car si existe , es más, existen mínimo 100 Apple Car. Hemos pasado de no tener ninguno y sólo especular con su futura existencia a ver que contamos con muchos, en todas las gamas existentes de coches. ¿Qué mejor que eso? Un Apple Car para cada tipo de necesidad y ¡sin desembolsar una pasta por parte de la compañía!

¿Y tú? ¿Crees que el Apple Car ya existe?

Apple has already created the Apple Car , maybe it hasn’t arrived in Spain but it does exist. Create a car from scratch? Nonsense, Apple knows it is unnecessary. Apple is smarter. We are surrounded by Apple Car, we will see more and more. And soon you’ll have one on your doorstep.

No, I’m not hallucinating, it’s just that Apple didn’t have to put the apple bite on the body of a car to make it an Apple Car. There are many Apple Car , of many brands. The prices vary, the models, the needs they cover. What does that mean? That it is very possible that Apple users buy an “Apple Car” because they have thousands of options.

Simple, CarPlay, all iOS functionality is in your car if it has CarPlay. Siri, he’s your co-driver. What could we possibly expect from Apple’s car? CarPlay offers all the features we need when we’re driving. Plus, to produce a car? It would be crazy for the company to jump into that pool and as I said, Apple knows they don’t need it.

Currently, beads with Apple luxury cars, normal, off-road … . That range is the best opportunity for the company and for you: the user. Why would a domestic technology company need to create products on other scales? It would not fit into their business logic.


There are many models

According to Apple’s website you can find 100 models of cars with its CarPlay technology, i.e. 100 types of Apple Car.

CarPlay-compatible models

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