The App Store will no longer offer affiliated content

Apple has just announced that they will no longer offer the Affiliate Program from the App Store , although they will keep others like books and movies. This decision has just been added on the website itself, where they stated that as of October it will no longer be active.

At the moment only the App Store is affected in this respect, where some time ago perhaps they were offering us some clues about the future of the affiliation, like the decrease of the percentage for the user. This went from a 7% commission to only 2.5% .

The App Store will no longer offer affiliated content
The App Store will no longer offer affiliated content

An affiliate program is quite common in companies, Amazon is perhaps the best known, but many others offer this type of incentive for users to share applications or services.

The iTunes Store, iBook Store, and App Store.

This decision will affect any membership that is related to the App Store. The notice itself confirms that it will be October the month chosen to end this incentive for users who decided to use this service to try to make a profit.

This affiliation program was not very attractive unless you had a great impact on social networks, blog or YouTube channel , since the percentages were not very high and the applications each time have a fairly low established price. In addition to the policies of Apple , where you needed to generate a minimum of income so that you could transfer it to your account.

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As we mentioned at the beginning, for the time being it will only affect the App Store , while movies or books will remain in force. There is no information on whether in the near future these will also be passed on, being the only option to generate some benefits through the Apple affiliate program.

What did you think of this decision? Do you think it was profitable to join the App Store?

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