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the app is now available on the App Store

Although radio continues to play an important role in our society, the truth is that podcasts are becoming more and more relevant in our lives. Based on this, many platforms have emerged in recent years that allow us to listen to podcasts. Google Podcast is one of them, which was only available in Android until now. And we speak in the past tense because officially, Google Podcast has arrived in the iOS App Store.

Google Podcast lands on iPhone

If you’re a regular podcast listener, you probably already know about Apple’s own native iOS platform – Apple Podcast. This app is simple and very much in line with the rest of the applications signed by Cupertino’s company. However, with the arrival of Google’s platform, it has become another competitor.

the app is now available on the App Storethe app is now available on the App Store

Google itself has confirmed in its official blog in Spain that its platform will arrive on the iPhone, which will come with an improved interface and other new features that Android users will be seeing throughout this week. Among these new features is a new feed on the Home tab where you can watch new episodes of your favorite shows and get information about them by clicking on one of them.

In the tab of Explore we will be able to navigate through the different categories, finding the most popular programs among the rest of the users. It’s a good way to live up to the tab’s name and explore new content that may also become one of our favourites. In addition to this, in the tab Activity we can browse through all of the episodes we’ve listened to, those that have been queued and those that are scheduled to download automatically.

At the time of writing, the app is not yet in the App Store, at least not in Spain. But it is more than confirmed that it will be throughout the day when we can see it. Therefore, you must be aware if you want to be one of the first to download it. Obviously, it won’t matter if you download it before or after, but this way you will be able to see all its new features or try it out for the first time if you didn’t do it before, to assess whether it is worth being your top podcast platform or not.

What podcasts can be heard in Spain?

As we said at the beginning, podcasts are becoming more and more relevant. In the United States it is perhaps one of the places where they seem to be leading the way in terms of betting on this type of content. There, they even make big budget programs exclusively for these platforms. In Spain, for example, the creation of high budget podcasts is not so well established, although we find dozens of podcasters who make programs with all kinds of themes , which sometimes have little to envy the professionals.

One practice that is very common in our country is for the radio programs to hang episodes on the different platforms, although these are actually the programs broadcast through traditional radio. However, it is a good bet to reinforce these contents, since it will not be necessary to access a website or exclusive app to listen to what we have missed on the radio.

At The Bite Apple we have our own podcasts. One of them is the daily podcast, in which from Monday to Friday Fernando del Moral joins the editors of this page or David Hebrero to tell the most important news of the Apple world. On the other hand, we have a premium podcast in which every Sunday all the members of the project get together to analyze not only Apple’s news but also our own.

That’s why we like the idea that more and more platforms are betting not only on the arrival of their apps to iOS, but on what that means: that users have more access to this kind of content.

And you, are you going to give Google Podcast a try? What other app do you use besides Apple Podcast? You can tell us in the comment box.