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The Animojis and their viral videos

Will the Animojis fulfill the future announced in Black Mirror? If you’ve taken a look at social networking sites over the past three days, you’ve certainly noticed how the iPhone X Animojis have “overshadowed” any of the other new features of the iPhone X .

Without a doubt, these 12 characters have been used in the most ingenious ways to show the potential of the front camera and to measure how far the imagination of the first ones to have the flagship of Cupertino’s characters goes.

The Animojis and their viral videos
The Animojis and their viral videos

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In the hundreds of shared clips, especially on Twitter and Youtube, there are those who have used the face mapping software that Apple has included in the new iMessage application, to insert these Animoji into everything, from music to movies.

Interestingly, when Apple announced the Animoji at its September event, some people were skeptical about their usefulness. Now, after four days with this new technology, a new generation of creatives is sweeping through

Among all the creations that flooded the networks, a group of users decided to organize themselves and create the