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The Amphora of Luck, Buy National Lottery from your iPad or iPhone

Buy National Lottery – The Amphora of Luck, tempt luck and win playing from your iPad

If you are thinking of playing the Christmas Lottery or the Children’s Lottery you should take a look at The Lucky Amphora, a free application with which you can buy tickets for those draws and for all the draws during the year.

The Lucky Amphora is a universal application with which you can buy tickets for all the draws of the National Lottery. Now that the Christmas Draw is around the corner and the first prize, the Jackpot, is within reach, it is a good moment to download this application that will make it easier for you to acquire that specific number you are looking for (an important date for you, a family event, an annual custom…) or simply to try your luck in a different way: letting the application choose for you.

Design and Interface

The Amphora of Luck, Buy National Lottery from your iPad or iPhone
The Amphora of Luck, Buy National Lottery from your iPad or iPhone

As we are close to Christmas, in this version the application design offers colours in accordance with the approaching holidays, predominantly blue with a gradient towards grey. To complete the decoration, the interface uses Christmas motifs that mix the balls of the trees, with the numbers and the tenths of the draws and the Christmas stars.

Moving around the application is easy, we just have to click on the big buttons that appear in the main menu. At any time we can go back thanks to an arrow button at the top left of the screen.

After opening the app, we will have the possibility to play with the number you have proposed. If we are not interested, we will go to the main menu of The Lucky Amphora. The options offered by the main menu are:

  • Buy tenths of the Lucky Amphora: with this option we can choose a number to buy from all those offered. We can change the termination of the number and thus play for a termination that we really like.
  • Let the Amphora choose my fate: we will let the Amphora choose the number for us. To do this, we will rub the Amphora several times until it draws a random number.
  • Find if my number is available: in this screen we can put all the digits of the number we are looking for. By pressing Search the application will tell us if the number we want is available or not.
  • Who we are: it gives us information about the people responsible for the application, as well as where the numbers that are bought from the app are purchased.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This option will answer the questions that we all ask when buying tickets. How do you pay for them? What is playing by e-mail?

Purchase process

When we choose the number we want to buy, we will add it to the shopping cart indicating the amount of tenths we want. After this choice, the purchase process will begin. If we are not registered we will fill in a form that we can save to use it in future purchases. The data requested are our personal data, the shipping data to receive the tickets in our house (if we choose this option) and the payment method .

The delivery forms available are:

  • Electronic: the tickets are deposited in the safe of the Lottery Administration number 110 in Barcelona.
  • Receive by courier: in this case a fee will be paid for the courier service.
  • Pick up at the Administration number 110 in Barcelona: Urgel Street, 34 in Barcelona.

The payment of the tenth (or tenths) will be made through a payment gateway where we can use the most common credit and debit cards. If a tenth is awarded with a small amount (a termination refund, for example) we’ll be able to change it for another tenth from the same application, although we can of course also choose to charge it.

Best of the Lucky Amphora

  • Easy interface and handling of the app.
  • Possibility to know instantly if a number is available.
  • Let chance and luck choose the number.
  • Possibility to buy Lottery for all the draws of Thursdays and Saturdays of the year.

Things to improve in The Lucky Amphora

  • Largest range of numbers available.
  • The cost overrun of the tenths in some cases. Although, in exchange, we have the opportunity to buy tenths from the palm of our hand

The Lucky Amphora for iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone

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