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The American press claims that Apple is working on a bracelet device

The creation of a watch-smartphone hybrid with iOS has gone from being a rumor around Apple to becoming almost an open secret. Perhaps the most skeptical of us could see smoke behind the many speculations, but when two publications of the caliber of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal echo the news, we cannot help but pay attention. And it is already known, when the river sounds…

Today, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, two of the most important newspapers in the United States, have echoed that in Cupertino they are immersed in the development of a bracelet device. Considering the enormous impact of both of them at the global level, these publications will serve to increase the recent rumours that speculated about the creation of a hybrid between a watch and smartphone by Apple.

The New York Times

The American press claims that Apple is working on a bracelet deviceThe American press claims that Apple is working on a bracelet device

In Bits, the newspaper’s technology blog located on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan, the possibility was considered that in the not too distant future we could have within our reach a device that until now we had only been able to contemplate in fiction. To this end, reference was made to the gadgets used by characters such as Dick Tracy, Inspector Gadget or James Bond himself.

According to sources close to the company, this device, with which they are already experimenting, would work with iOS and would be made of curved glass, a fact that would undoubtedly differentiate it from the competition. Although Apple has declined to make any statement on the veracity of the project, it has been impossible to avoid a number of questions arising:

Further proof of what appears to be an open secret came from Corning, manufacturer of the well-known Gorilla Glass who recently announced that he had solved the engineering problem involved in the development of Willow Glass, his flexible glass. Pete Bocko, the company’s director of technology, corroborated the news:

However, Bocko warned that achieving a flexible device would be a true feat of engineering, since the unpredictable movements of the human body would only serve to increase the level of complexity of its manufacture.

On the other hand, perhaps the recent movements of Apple in China have also contributed to the excitement. Recent hiring in the area, coupled with the existing ecosystem of iPhone accessories, has made Apple a strong candidate for laptop and phone experts to open up the market for wearable devices.

Be that as it may, if the smartphones are destined to become intelligent clocks made of folding glass, it seems that the Californian multinational has both the technology and the means.

The Wall Street Journal

The financial newspaper was more succinct in its presentation, although it did not differ much in content. In the article published today on its website, it is stated that Apple is testing different designs for a watch-like device that could perform some of the functions of a smartphone .

It was also noted that the company had contacted Hon Hai Precision Industry, its main supplier, trying to explore the possibilities that a potentially large new product category could have, beyond the market of smartphones and tablets .

At a time when a number of companies have introduced various types of portable gadgets, mostly designed to measure physical activity, getting more sophisticated devices would mean facing much greater technical challenges, but would also serve to attract investment from large multinationals. And this is precisely where Apple intends to concentrate its efforts.