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The AirPods 2 protagonists of the new Apple ad

Apple continues to promote AirPods with the launch of a new ad on its YouTube channel, highlighting the wireless charging compatible charging case, obviously the one that costs the most money. In addition to this ad, he has also launched an interesting ad highlighting the on-screen time function on the iPhone designed for the little ones in the house.

The first AirPod commercial entitled ‘Bounce’ has been filmed in black and white and you can see a man getting up and getting dressed and taking the AirPods from the cargo base which is Belkin brand. When he goes out to the street this man starts bouncing on all the objects that are naturally hard and not flexible like cars.

The AirPods 2 protagonists of the new Apple adThe AirPods 2 protagonists of the new Apple ad

We don’t know what the similarity is between these jumps and the wireless charging of the AirPods. You may want to highlight the freedom of movement you can have thanks to the AirPods which do not use wires but are wireless. Having wireless charging may be a feature that you have wanted to highlight but without focusing too much on it. The truth is that wireless charging is tremendously convenient because you save on cables and simply put it on top of the charging cradle.

This same model of AirPods can be found at Amazon for 221.14 euros here, although we can also opt for the model that includes wireless charging, saving us quite a bit of money.

The second announcement from Apple is related to the iPhone and the ‘time on screen’ function. This is a tremendously interesting function that allows us to keep track of the time we spend in front of our iPhone, more thought for the little ones of the house that sometimes we need to impose a time limit in front of the mobile.

Sometimes even the youngest people need to be monitored, especially those of us who spend a lot of time on social networks, so that we can be alerted to close applications and get to work. The truth is that it works really well and we recommend its use.

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