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The A12 chips of the future iPhone would be manufactured by TSMC

Apple seems to be very satisfied with TSMC, responsible for the manufacture of the processors that carry the iPhone that Apple has on the market. And that’s why in 2018, since Cupertino will not vary from provider and will stay with the Taiwanese TSMC for the manufacture of processors for the iPhone that we will see in September this year.

This information has been collected by DigiTimes from the company’s own supply chain , where they have ensured that chips that are designed by Apple itself will be assembled in the TSMC chains.

The A12 chips of the future iPhone would be manufactured by TSMCThe A12 chips of the future iPhone would be manufactured by TSMC

This is not the only thing that has been revealed in these statements. Some of what we talked about in Apple5x1 has also been confirmed. These processors will have a 7 nm architecture . This will make it a smaller size that will allow for a battery boost.

In addition, the A12 chip will arrive with improved performance as well as lower power consumption that will help significantly to extend the autonomy of the terminal . But why does Apple always choose TSMC? You may be delighted with the service it provides, but there may also be a chance that there is no one supplier who will provide Apple with everything you are looking for.

For the user, the fact that there is only one supplier for this component affects us economically. As there is no competition between two companies to provide this component the price is not competitive either . If there were two companies, they would have to lower their prices for this competition to exist, and we could benefit from it.

In addition, if TSMC for whatever reason has a problem in its supply chain, Apple may get its hands on it because may not have an essential component for its iPhone . This never happened anyway and we hope it doesn’t.

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