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The A12 chip on the iPhone 2018 would be up to 30% faster than the A11 chip

What do we expect to see on this year’s new iPhones? That’s the question we’re all asking ourselves right now, waiting for the September 12th, possible launch date of the iPhone 2018. One thing we’re sure to see on these new devices is the addition of a new A12 chip that in theory will offer better performance in the processes we’re doing , but… how much better will the experience be exactly?

TSMC has given some data of this new chip, for example that it will have a 7 nm architecture. Jason Cross wanted to use the data they provided to make a prediction of what this processor will offer us again.

The A12 chip on the iPhone 2018 would be up to 30% faster than the A11 chip
The A12 chip on the iPhone 2018 would be up to 30% faster than the A11 chip

According to the company this new architecture will offer a 20% speed improvement as well as a 40% power reduction. This means, in Jason Cross’ words, that if the A11 chip had this architecture it could have a higher speed at lower power, which is very positive for the user.

Obviously the A12 chip will be much more complex and innovative so it will give impressive results, although we can forget about having a jump in performance like the one we saw between the A10 chip and the A11 Bionic , although it is no problem, because the performance we currently have in processors is bestial.

The performance of the GPU itself can be increased by up to 40%, but it may not be fully appreciated when playing on our iPhone as the limited memory bandwidth will not allow this performance improvement to be appreciated. In the end, according to this expert, even if Apple wants to get its hands on a performance improvement of up to 40%, the real figures will be around 15 and 25%.

This expert also wanted the opportunity to talk about the change of modems to those of Intel, which will make it much easier to travel around the world as it incorporates various technologies and different frequency bands.

However, this is mere conjecture. We will have to wait until September to see if Apple has done its homework and incorporated a faster, but above all, less energy-consuming chip.

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