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The 5-inch iPhone 6 would greatly benefit Apple

Several reasons why an iPhone 6 with a 5-inch screen would be a success

Today it is increasingly common to see how companies are launching smartphones with bigger and bigger screens , because within the market there seems to be a struggle between companies to see which one manages to launch the smartphone with the biggest screen. However, there are users who still prefer to have a smaller and more manageable one-handed smartphone.

Cupertino’s guys have always been pretty reluctant to launch a smartphone with a big screen. When Tim Cook has been asked in the past if they plan to launch in the future an iPhone with a bigger screen than we are used to, the company’s CEO has commented that in his view the iPhone still has the best screen in the entire mobile industry and therefore they do not see the need to change it. Cook also said that they would not release an iPhone with a larger screen until they are sure that they can offer the same quality that they offer now.

The 5-inch iPhone 6 would greatly benefit Apple
The 5-inch iPhone 6 would greatly benefit Apple

Now, rumors are swirling around the future iPhone 6 and some consider that it could have a 5-inch screen. From the well-known American website iMore, they wanted to make a compilation of the five main reasons why a 5-inch iPhone 6 would benefit the company of the apple and also us, the users . Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

A 5-inch iPhone 6 would bring Apple great benefits

First, a 5-inch iPhone 6 would open a new door in the market for Apple . We are talking about the market for larger screen devices where the company currently does not make any profit and where Samsung, its main rival, has a good share of the pie.

On the other hand, size would no longer be a key differentiating element with respect to its competitors. Since the U.S. market is subsidized, it is easy to see how, for example, televisions from 50 to 120 inches are priced at about $200 or less through contract. For that reason, an iPhone with a larger screen would mean that the competition would have to make efforts to improve other aspects such as the user experience or the ecosystem, in order to remain in the markets where Apple has the greatest presence.

Thirdly, a 5-inch screen would make a much more functional smartphone , allowing us to perform a multitude of functions and tasks from the same device. Some users are looking for a device that not only acts as a smartphone, but is also close to the size of a tablet, since they either don’t want to go around with several devices on top of it or don’t have a tablet at all.

Fourth, with a larger screen the iPhone 6 would be more accessible , for example, making it easier for people with vision or motor skills to use their smartphone.

Last but not least, we would also see improvements in the software . With a 5 inch screen, we are still looking at a size that allows us to use the device quite comfortably with one hand.

However, at Apple they claim that their main objective today is to solve the problems they have and make better products that improve the lives of their customers. In iMore they say that Apple tries to sell better iPhones to more people and not sell for the sake of selling.

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