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The 5 essential apps for iPad by Julio Cesar Fernandez

We show you the 5 essential apps for the iPad in the daily life of an expert in development in Apple environments like Julio Cesar Fernandez.

Julio César Fernández Muñoz , author of the book “Aprendiendo Swift 3”, best-seller in Spanish for teaching the Swift programming language. One of the most reputable people as an expert in development (evangelist) in Spanish-speaking Apple environments. Responsible for the website Apple Coding has collaborated in media such as Applesfera, Gizmodo or the BBC (in Spanish) as a specialized consultant. As a podcaster he has thousands of listeners every week in the Apple Coding podcast, which analyzes the world of development week by week, where he has also collaborated as a guest in podcasts of great media impact as Federico Hatoum’s HabloGeek, Binarios or Esto con Jobs no Pasaba.

The 5 essential apps for iPad by Julio Cesar FernandezThe 5 essential apps for iPad by Julio Cesar Fernandez

Professional with more than 30 years of experience in the world of programming and development, knowledgeable of many languages and technical specialist in programming and systems. Now he is dedicated to training (and evangelization) in Apple environments and is considered one of the greatest experts in the Swift language in the world.


Writing app designed to write books, with the ability to include bibliographic resources, order by topic, chapters, chapter summaries … allows you to create a structure that will shape a complex text in an easy and intuitive way. Like a hyper-vitamins processor.

I use it to write my books and prepare the scripts for the Apple Coding Academy courses or talks I give, with code snippets and steps, linking each point to its code.

Similar App: Ulysses is a similar app in concept, with some more options including uploading articles to WordPress. But I’m used to Scrivener from a long time ago. I use it on the iPad and on the Mac. Download.

Essential apps. Scrivener


Handwritten note-taking app, exclusive for the Apple Pencil (does not work without it). It allows you to write notes by hand and then convert them to text. It also allows to introduce schemes and mathematical formulas that it interprets by OCR as well. A must-have notebook.

I use it to take notes. My way of studying is to take my own worked-up notes while I look at material, as if I were at the University.

Similar App: iOS Notes, which was the one I used until now, but Nebo goes better and has OCR built in. Download.

Essential apps. Nebo

Buffer Editor

Text and code editor with integration of Dropbox, FTP, SSH (including terminal), GitHub… supports keyboard, VIM commands, keypad and almost every programming language with text markup, such as C, C#, Java, Python or, of course, Objective-C and Swift.

I use it to look at sample course code, manage it, edit it (although it doesn’t compile, it just edits the code) and keep track of classes or talks.

Similar App: There are many similar editors, but this is the only one that has (of the ones I tried) a good editor, simple, fast and well tested code marking. Download.

Essential apps. Buffer Editor

Swift Playgrounds

They say it’s for learning to program, both children and adults. It’s true. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Swift Playgrounds allows prototyping with the same functions as a Playground project in Xcode and supports all iOS libraries natively, both apps, games, connections, augmented reality… (this last one in version 2.0).

I use it for project prototypes, showing clients the final results, proofs of concept before getting involved with a complete project, presentations and talks.

Similar App: In Swift none, because it allows you to edit and execute the real code. At teaching level we could talk about Scratch Jr. and in Pythonist development IDE in Python or Continuous .NET C# and F# for Microsoft or Codea languages. Download.

Essential apps. Swift Playgrounds

Duet Display

Why use only two monitors when you can have three? When I write the books I need to capture the sample images in higher quality. And for that I use this third monitor that doesn’t disturb my natural flow and allows me more movement.

Similar App: AstroPad, although the latter is intended to replace the flow of a Wacom Cintiq-type tablet. Download.

Essential apps. Duet Display

What do you think of iOS 11 and the direction Apple has taken on the iPad?

iOS 11 reinvents the iPad with its desktop multitasking management, drag & drop, and the inclusion of Files as the nexus of all file-based app flows. What Apple has done is to turn the iPad into the productive tool that it has long deserved to be, and it is only a first step towards meeting the work needs of millions of professionals around the world. Some because they won’t need anything else but their iPad and others because we have in the iPad a tool that complements our work with other devices creating an unprecedented productive circle.

It has been a pleasure to have Julio’s collaboration and from Apple 5×1 we thank him for his time and dedication to this article.