The 5 best apps for iPhone and iPad of September 2017

At the beginning of September, many will have finished their holidays, others will have started them and others will have had no holidays either before or after. But, we are starting a new month and therefore it is time to review all the apps we have on our iPhone and see the recommendations we make in this post, of the best apps we have been able to test. The apps I show you below, you’ll find them in the App Store, and of course, Fernando Del Moral and David Hebreros present them in our YouTube channel in this video:

The Sims

What better than relaxing and spending the post-holiday syndrome with a mythical game like The Sims, which we have recently seen a renewed version of this game in the App Store, which the truth ends up engaging us since it allows us to do numerous actions, such as designing our Sim, relating it to other Sims and we can even go with our character to work to get the maximum score.

The 5 best apps for iPhone and iPad of September 2017
The 5 best apps for iPhone and iPad of September 2017

I don’t know what you’re waiting for to download it from the App Store and play this mythical game from your iPhone or iPad, which doesn’t miss a beat and is totally free . Take your Sim to the parties or even forget about the mythical “Gnocchi Gnocchi” . If you want to see Fernando playing this game, you just have to give a lot of “I like you” to the YouTube video, and leave it in the comment box.

Download The Sims

The League

Are you a footballer? If so, this application should not be missing from your iPhone or iPad. September is the month where the whole League goes regularly again. With this application you will know all the details of the Spanish league and many others. The last update you have received, becomes even more interesting.

La Liga captures

In addition, from within this application we can place bets and see data on other competitions that may be of interest to you.

Download The League

iTranslate Converse

Need a real-time translator? iTranslate Converse is the must-have application on your device then. This application will serve us well if we travel to a land where we do not fully master its language.

iTranslate Converse

The configuration of the application is very simple, since we only have to choose the flags of the languages that are going to intervene at that moment. Now we only have to talk to the terminal and touch the screen when we finish the intervention . Then when you speak to the application, you will pass the device to the listener to transmit what you have said but in their language. And he can easily respond to you by following the same method.

It’s a very simple application that works like a charm.

Download iTranslate Converse


Looking forward to the virtual reality that iOS 11 will bring? Little by little the developers are inserting new applications focused on virtual reality to make fun assemblies in our home environments or elsewhere.

Holo screenshots

With the front camera of our iPhone we can do wonders by creating various holograms. These we can share with our friends.

Download Holo


If you’re one of those people who is obsessed with keeping all passwords stored in one place, you can’t get through without downloading Dashlane, which is free on the App Store as we write.

Dashlane Screenshot

Adding passwords to this application is easy, thanks to its interface, and the extension available in Safari. It’s also compatible with our Mac.

Download Dashlane

This is this month’s app collection. We hope you will try these apps and leave us in the comment box all your thoughts about them.

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