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The 5.8″ OLED iPhone could be cheaper than the current iPhone X

The analyst Luke Lin says that Apple would have achieved a saving of 10% in the manufacturing cost of the new iPhone of 5.8″ , which would allow Apple to lower the price of the new terminal to encourage sales.

In the note issued by DigiTimes, they believe that the 5.8″ iPhone could have lower specifications compared to its siblings, which could increase the profit margin even by reducing the retail price.

The 5.8″ OLED iPhone could be cheaper than the current iPhone X
The 5.8″ OLED iPhone could be cheaper than the current iPhone X

Another news from this analyst, quite striking, refers to the temporary suspension of the 6.1″ LCD model . Although he announces that he does not know if it will really be a definitive suspension.

Making a little summary about what could launch Apple this in terms of mobile phones, it has been rumored for quite some time with the idea of launching 3 terminals . One of 5,8″ OLED, another of 6,1″ with LCD screen and a phablet of 6,5″ called X Plus.

Little by little, supposedly filtered images are coming out of these devices, although as always, this type of information must be taken with tweezers, since their authenticity cannot be verified.

The fact that Apple can achieve a satisfactory agreement for both parties (between Apple and the suppliers), does not mean that the new models are cheaper for the end user. Although some analysts believe that this could be possible given the “low” demand for model X, as they comment in MovilZona .

The iPhone X has not been a failure , but it is true that they have not reached the forecasts set by Apple. The latest flagship has obtained a regular sales rate since its launch, where many users have preferred to purchase the iPhone 8, either by price or by distrust of Face ID.

Among the releases for this year, Apple could renew the terminal SE to continue competing in the Android mid-range. As well as rumours and alleged leaks of the X Plus model , some images have also appeared.

Do you think Apple will launch an “economic” iPhone for this 2018?

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