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The 3 reasons why the iPhone is the best-selling mobile in 2016

In an increasingly globalized world, the numbers of best selling phones are increasing year by year . Without a doubt, this is one of the markets that is growing and becoming more important in the world of technology.

The smartphone market is growing thanks to factors such as innovation and people’s consumer habits, which make changing phones commonplace and normal. As every year, the financial information and data agency IHS Markit, has provided us with the data of the top ten best selling phones in the past year.

The 3 reasons why the iPhone is the best-selling mobile in 2016
The 3 reasons why the iPhone is the best-selling mobile in 2016

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As we can see in the image, the big brands still dominate this top ten, where 9 of the 10 holes are occupied by the two giants of telephony and operating systems, Apple and Samsung.

This rivalry between the two companies continues, as they continue to fight to be the most powerful brands in a sector that is growing rapidly, with more than 1.5 billion smartphones sold .

Without a doubt, Apple is the big winner of this study, where it monopolizes the first four positions of the ranking of the best sellers. Cupertino’s, with their iPhone 6S and 7, have achieved one of the greatest achievements in this sector .

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Apple, always manages to come out very well in these odious but very relevant comparisons between terminals with iOS operating system, and those with the Android version.

The operating system

This is undoubtedly one of the great assets of the Californians. Since they have always been characterized by a very flat and easy to use operating system , both for young people and adults. In addition to this, once we have mastered a smartphone of the apple, always, move to another is much simpler, something very different to what happens in Android, where each manufacturer has its own layer of customization and understands Android in a different way.

The camera

The photo section has always been one of the great highlights in all Apple terminals. With a very simple camera interface and giving much importance to the quality of the photos, the iPhone has always been considered one of the best on the market in this section .


Although in this section Apple does have terminals that may have been below the average market range, today, terminals such as the iPhone 6S and 7 together with their Plus versions have made users very satisfied with the range of their iPhone .

Now, we only have to see how the telephone market continues to grow, and how new companies reach this top 10 best-selling phones , trying to unseat the all-powerful Apple and Samsung.

Source : IHS Markit