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The 2017 iPhone Could Have a Completely New Design


One of the most reliable voices in the world of Cupertino’s rumor is John Gruber, who was speaking from his Daring Fireball website about the latest episode of his podcast called “Talk Show” clarifying what some sources have told him about the future of Apple’s smartphone. These sources claim that next year’s iPhone update will feature a screen that will take up the entire front of the device.

The 2017 iPhone Could Have a Completely New Design
The 2017 iPhone Could Have a Completely New Design

“The Touch ID sensor will be somehow embedded in the screen, the front camera could also be integrated into the screen, the speaker, everything,” Gruber said.

His comments were made in a conversation with analyst Ben Thompson about the apple brand in light of the latest rumors. They both lamented the fact that a new smartphone by Tim Cook called iPhone 7 was expected to arrive this year and that might be too similar to the two previous generations, the iPhone 6 and 6s.

Gruber said he does not believe Apple will call this year’s model “iPhone 7,” although he admitted that this is only speculation based on what he believes and not what he may have read in different sources. He also said that the rumor is probably correct, and that we will surely see a device coming out that is very similar to the current iPhone 6s but without those annoying lines that are part of the antenna on the back shell.

Apple is expected to bring many more changes to its flagship during the coming year 2017, as we have already read many times. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Valores was the first to report in March that next year Apple may intend to introduce a high-end model that would have a curved glass casing and a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen.

Gruber goes a little further than this rumor and indicated that it is expected that the entire front of the device can be a screen , avoiding those two eggs that have existed in all iPhone models only to date at the top and bottom, where the home buttons and the speaker for calls are. “The year 2017 is going to be really amazing, we’re going to see a great design by Apple for the new iPhone,” Gruber said.

It is not yet known whether Apple expects to reduce the thickness of the device while the screen size remains the same or whether, on the contrary, it will increase the screen size and retain the same shape of the device. So far, many unknowns can be found around the future of the iPhone.

And you, what do you think next year’s iPhone will look like? Do you think we’ll see something similar to this concept?


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