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The 160GB iPod classic is equivalent to 3180 albums on vinyl

iPod Classic

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The 160GB iPod classic is equivalent to 3180 albums on vinyl
The 160GB iPod classic is equivalent to 3180 albums on vinyl

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iPod classic is the oldest iPod in the entire Apple player lineup. It hasn’t been updated for several years now, but it still performs better than any other, and it’s the most capable of all. But have you ever wondered how many vinyl records are equivalent to 160GB? And what’s worse, how much those records would take up and what they would weigh.

We’ve always been told that iPods can hold thousands of songs, but we’ve never been told in real magnitude how much physical space is saved by digitizing all that music and putting it into a memory , as is the case with iPod classic, the largest capacity MP3 player on the market.

This Apple classic, which has been drifting for several years without being updated, has a 160 GB hard disk inside. But, have you ever stopped to think how many vinyl records it would take to get all that music out?

To begin with, we are talking about 40,000 songs at a quality of 128 kbps , so with a vinyl that hosts an average of twelve songs per album, we have 3180 vinyl , which in total add up to 635 kilograms of music .

On the Concert Hotels page they show us this by putting them on top of each other and making a long scroll downwards so that we can imagine well the enormous mountain of records that would be formed by turning these 160GB of music into vinyl.

And now that we’re talking about the iPod classic, how long will it take Apple to sentence it to death? I think will keep it as a classic for a few more years , at least until iPod touch manages to offer similar capacity at an attractive price. Although honestly, there’s no need for an iPod touch with so much memory.

If we realize that people don’t store as much music and with 64 GB capacities we are more than enough. Only the most hardcore music lovers can fall short of a 160 GB hard drive to store their entire music library . Mine, for example, occupies just over 5 GB with about 700 perfectly arranged songs, and I really don’t need any more. And you, do you have a giant or small music library?

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