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The 10 most important years in Apple’s history


Although Apple’s history dates back more than 34 years, the truth is that most of the company’s successes are concentrated in a few years of that long journey. We could emphasize the first stage because of its importance, but if we had to highlight a period of time in the future, it would be the one lived in the last ten years.

The 10 most important years in Apple’s historyThe 10 most important years in Apple’s history

The company has managed to reap a cumulative success that few companies or almost none are able to match . At a firm but definite pace, Apple has managed to bring out products that have been, to a lesser or greater extent, a sales success.

In 2001 the company introduces the first iPod, Mac OS X, and opens the company’s first stores, at that time its stock market value was $7.44 per share. Almost 10 years later the iPod is one of the few products that has sold more than 100 million units, Mac OS X has 7 versions, is the example to follow for the rest and the company has a stock market value of approximately $250.

All this comes from a fantastic graphic created by the guys at AppStorm that summarizes the most important events of these almost 10 years, 10 years that have marked history.