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That’s what it was like working with Steve Jobs


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with Apple’s ex-CEO, Steve Jobs? Most likely, it would be like nothing people can tell us about. However, a former employee of the company has just offered some details that will surely surprise you.

That’s what it was like working with Steve Jobs according to a former Apple employee

That’s what it was like working with Steve Jobs
That’s what it was like working with Steve Jobs

According to Glenn Reid, who worked side by side with Steve Jobs on the creation of iMovie and iPhoto, the creative genius of Cupertino’s company was a tremendously passionate person. He loved creating products, plain and simple.

According to this former worker, he also loved to work creating new products and services. That’s what he shared with the Apple guru. It’s a process that requires an understanding of the parameters, objectives and commitments of the design process.

Furthermore, he dares to add that there are people who are good at this and people who are not . Steve Jobs, of course, was among those who did. Besides knowing everything about product engineering, it was something he loved to do. So he spent most of his time imagining and creating new products, getting into the process of designing whatever he could.

Another thing that has surprised us is the closeness of Steve Jobs . Apparently, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work side by side with Apple’s engineers, programmers and designers, regardless of his rank.

We don’t know if things have changed much since Jobs left, but what is certain is that those who worked with the apple genie will never forget the experience.

What do you think of these statements? Did you expect working with Steve to be like this?

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