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That’s the new iPhone, new hardware updates

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That’s the new iPhone, new hardware updates
That’s the new iPhone, new hardware updates


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In this week we have attended the keynote of WWDC2012. Many of you would think that there would be no new rumors, since news and novelties extinguish the “living desire” to invent things with more or less foundation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here we go again with our weekly appointment with the “beyond” of Apple products, in our Rumorsphere section . Put on the background music you want, although I recommend you to tune in to Cuarto Milenio, and we take off.

Come and see. Black and white photos of iPhone 5, rumors of the October release of the MacBook Pro 13″ Retina, the “real” upgrade to Mac Pro and iMac, await you.

  • This is what the new iPhone looks like according to Gizmodo (will it be called that or iPhone 5?). Taking advantage of some of the parts that are out there from providers, this image has been created that you can see below. My colleague Miguel told us last week in this section about the possible improvements of it, such as 4-inch screen in 16:9 ratio, new connector, HD front camera and some other things.

You might want someone to make it up in white, to see if you like it better in that color. No problem, here you go too.

  • Yesterday I had a chance to fiddle around a bit with the MacBook Pro Retina, and the truth is that it has a spectacular screen. So it’s no wonder that rumours have been raging about when the 13″ MacBook Pro might be upgraded. Apple Insider says it will take until early October for such an upgrade to be released. What features might it have? The optical disk drive would be removed, and it would have SSD storage, a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, and would be slightly thinner than the 15-inch model, with a built-in Intel HD 4000-based graphics card, and an Intel Ivy Bridge at over 2GHz.
  • Okay, what about the iMacs? When will we see an update on them? Rumor has it that a new iMac with “iMac13.2” features and a quad-core 3.4GHz Core i7-3770 processor and 4GB of 1600MHz RAM has been registered in some benchmarking tool, specifically GeekBench 2. It’s been over 400 days since the last iMac update, so a new generation, probably with Ivy Bridge processors, may be just around the corner. For now, we’ll just have to wait.

And so much for this week’s rumors. If you have something to feed this section we remind you that you can pass us information through the contact form. Enjoy Sunday!

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