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That’s the New iOS 7 Smart Multitasking

The new multitasking was one of the big changes in iOS7, but it was not only the visual aspect that Apple modified in order to achieve a more real and intuitive multitasking, but it also incorporated small modifications, which were invaluable at first, but which will undoubtedly make a big difference in daily use .

Since Apple introduced multitasking for iOS in 2010, there has been a lot of controversy around it. Cupertino decided that they had to give preference to battery life , so they limited the applications that could use it. Until now, the only option to have more real multitasking was to use Jailbreak, but from now on that will change with iOS 7.

That’s the New iOS 7 Smart Multitasking
That’s the New iOS 7 Smart Multitasking

Let’s take a look.

This is how multitasking works in iOS 7

Here are the most important new features in the iOS 7 multitasking :

  • The first thing we notice when we double-click the Home button on our device is that the multitasking has changed completely. The new interface is based on a series of cards that show us a preview of what is happening in the app. In addition, to avoid confusion, these cards are accompanied by the icon of the application.
  • Now, to close an application that’s running in the background, all you need to do is slide the app up. With this simple gesture we can close all our applications, we can even close more than one at the same time. Without a doubt, a gesture that will save us a lot of time.

The rest of the changes are not noticeable at first sight, but it is very interesting to know them:

  • iOS will be able to intelligently program our application updates when the device is turned on and connected to a WiFi network, always making sure that it does not have a very negative impact on battery life. Applications will run periodically to download the latest content in the background. In addition, in applications such as Facebook, these updates will be more constant to keep us up to date with what’s new.
  • The system will take advantage of the right moments to update applications, such as when we unlock our device.
  • It will also adapt to network conditions, so if we have good coverage, you can look for new updates.
  • Apps that use push notifications can use these notifications as alerts to download the latest content in the background.

As collected by the guys at iPhone Hacks, all these big changes will be available for all iOS devices, so we won’t need to have the latest model to enjoy them.

What do you think of the improvements in the multitasking system? Would you have liked to see any other?

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