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That’s the Apple Neural Engine, the A.I. chip on the iPhone


This is the kind of news that increases the hype of Apple fans. After many rumors, it seems that by Apple is finally developing a chip that will use Artificial Intelligence for facial and voice recognition on its devices – yes, of course we will be able to enjoy it on the iPhone too, but there is much more where it will be useful -, according to Bloomberg.

That’s the Apple Neural Engine, the A.I. chip on the iPhone
That’s the Apple Neural Engine, the A.I. chip on the iPhone

This prodigious chip is known internally as the “Apple Neural Engine” and everything points to Apple using it in conjunction with its standard processors and the graphics chip, so that it will implement an additional layer of intelligent features in its devices. So, in addition to having a smarter iPhone, its battery will also last longer , as performance will be distributed among the current Ax, Mx and Apple Neural Engine chips, achieving a more optimized management of its resources.

As we said before, although facial and oral recognition tasks will be very useful for future iPhones, its field of application is very wide . For example, it could be used for intelligent cars that drive themselves or gadgets that employ augmented reality, technology that overlays graphics and other information in someone’s field of vision.

So unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose facial recognition can be trolled with little more than a passport photo, this chip opens up a new world : face recognition in photo apps, conversation fragment recognition, considerable improvements in the iPhone or iPad predictive keyboard, and of course, third-party apps, which would also benefit from this new feature.

This is not Apple’s first foray into the world of AI, although it began with the iPhone 5s in 2013, when it began to include a motion coprocessor that allows the iPhone and iPad to record motion, the “Hey Siri” and other sensors that do not consume significant amounts of battery power.

Apple has already been testing prototypes of future iPhones with the Apple Neural Engine, but we don’t know if it will arrive in time for the debut of iPhone 8 , iPhone X or iPhone Edition. In any case, it is a matter of very little time before it is integrated into all your devices.