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That’s OnePlus 5, iPhone 7 Plus exterior and iPhone 2015 interior


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That’s OnePlus 5, iPhone 7 Plus exterior and iPhone 2015 interiorThat’s OnePlus 5, iPhone 7 Plus exterior and iPhone 2015 interior

By Eva Rodríguez de Luis – Jun 20, 2017ShareFacebookTwitter

In the Android ecosystem, congratulations are in order: today at 6pm Spanish time the OnePlus 5 is presented, a high-end smartphone that promises to give a lot of war to the top of the market like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7. Or at least on paper. Or at least on paper. Because the Chinese smartphone arrives not without controversy because as we had previously warned, it gives a “slight air” to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Come on, they have copied it from top to bottom without any doubt : shape and contour, dual camera arrangement, flash, microphone, antenna bands… if even the logo is located in the same spot!

If its design is confirmed, it is surprising how brazenly and with impunity they have done so – although we assume that Apple’s legal services will take action when it is presented. However, at the moment these are only fairly reliable rumours from two different sources, Android Police and Slashleaks:

If even the color is the same compared to a matte black iPhone 7 Plus. Doing a terrible exercise of attention we can see that its only difference is the arrangement of the volume and power buttons, which in OnePlus have had the audacity to invert their place with respect to the Apple flagship. Why such blatant plagiarism?

But let’s not fool ourselves, even if the monkey is dressed in silk, monkey stays. Because despite having the exterior of the best Apple smartphone to date, is not the same iOS as Android and anyone who has tried an iPhone knows that .

The secret? Apple makes its hardware and also develops its software, so it’s no wonder that it’s optimized to the max and that no matter how hard manufacturers try to implement more powerful components, the result in terms of fluidity and speed is still light years away. And we’re not even talking about security anymore .

But regardless of tastes – because it is a fact that some people prefer the flexibility of Android – the reality is that the OnePlus 5 to be presented today is expected to have a Snapdragon 835 chip processor, the same one used by the Samsung Galaxy S8 and remember that in everyday tasks is slower than the iPhone 6s, ie the best Android terminals can only be compared in performance to an iPhone of 2015, there is nothing.

Because Apple exclusively designs and manufactures its AX chips and today there is no smartphone on the market that can compete with the A10 Fusion that integrates the iPhone 7 Plus . And we are talking about the iPhone 7, a terminal with almost a year of life. With the new generation of iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8, everything points to it being a walk in the park for the company on the block.

And watch out, don’t think it’s cheap either . Although the retail price is not yet known, experts say it will fry the 500 euros. With this fact we dismantle the fact that Android is cheaper than Apple , but comparing on equal terms.

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