That’s how Twitter tokens work, and that’s how people like Falcon Pro have tried to get around them

It has definitely been the topic of this week, the disappearance of TweetBot from the Mac App Store and the consequent rumors that have appeared about it, that if it was the fault of the Tokens, it would be an abandoned Twitter desktop client more… But it was all just a scare.

Twitter wants you to use their Twitter client or directly enter through a browser on their page to be able to use the social micro network . And the impediment it puts is very simple, the tokens. A new user through the client, a token and once reached 100,000 users, lock.

That’s how Twitter tokens work, and that’s how people like Falcon Pro have tried to get around them
That’s how Twitter tokens work, and that’s how people like Falcon Pro have tried to get around them

This was the rumor that spread after the client disappeared from the Mac App Store and many predicted the death of the Twitter client . A few days later, the customer reappeared on the Mac App Store and all doubts were cleared up. Apparently, the problem was with the Login process of the application itself, not that they had reached the fatal number.

This makes us see how the developers don’t show special interest in developing their clients for Twitter , with which we end up losing users (and gaining Twitter). Either you access it through the Web or you install the Twitter client itself, so we can’t access a lot of interesting features from these third party clients.

And because it had to happen sooner or later, there are developers who try to bypass those limitations . If we put ourselves on the developer’s side, it must be frustrating to program an application that you know at the outset is not going to be able to be used by more than 100,000 users, for better or for worse.

The first news we have had of an application that tries to skip this limitation has been Falcon Pro . First of all, putting the application up for auction. After the announcement from Twitter that they were going to start limiting the maximum users in third party twitter clients, the application was put up for auction…

It is very strange what is happening with the App, you really have to pay if you want to use it. It has even been seen for over 90 euros , a clear method to discourage people from buying it and thus not easily reaching the fateful figure.

But that’s not all, because it seems that since Falcon Pro they have found a way to get around this limitation. If you find yourself downloading the app and can’t connect to Twitter with it, the app itself runs a Cheat that bypasses this limitation. We only have to click on a corner of the screen, press an orange square, shake the phone and voilà, we have access…

But obviously, this solution is just a matter of time before Twitter hunts him down and stops working . Of course, it’s difficult to put up fences, especially when it comes to computers, but it’s a bit frustrating to see Twitter’s limitation. It is frustrating for the user, but not for Twitter.

Tapbots se queda sin Tokens

The problem is that it is difficult to monetize a social network like Twitter and even if it is widely used across the globe, it is difficult to find profitable business opportunities. That’s why Twitter needs you to access its network through YOUR customers and YOUR page. Then it is logical these limitations.

But, as always, at Apple we bring you the best alternatives so that you don’t have excessive problems if you don’t want to use the Twitter page .

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