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That’s how impressive Augmented Reality is on the iPad

The Apple Pencil we know was a great invention. It’s capable of taking the technology of the iPad Pro to the highest level so you can bring out the artist in you. Thanks to its precision it can make you create truly amazing things . There’s no doubt that it’s a marvel of technology.

Sure you’ve seen a number of impressive augmented reality demonstrations using Apple’s ARKit, but you haven’t seen anything like this: sculpting in AR with Apple’s pencil . Yes, you read right.

That’s how impressive Augmented Reality is on the iPad
That’s how impressive Augmented Reality is on the iPad

The demonstration was shown on Friday on YouTube by India-based developer Fabin Rasheed. Although this user doesn’t go into great detail about all the things the application can do, he has posted a message on his Facebook account offering an overview of what the application is meant to achieve, and the truth is that it promises.

My last work using ARKit “, is what Rasheed has written. ” This application is made for sculpting and painting in augmented reality .

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The application, called MakerStudio, demonstrates the ability to create 3D objects and paint those objects with augmented reality, all with the precision of the Apple pen. There is no news about when this application might be available to the public , but it is just another exciting insight into what iOS 11 users will be able to do once they get their hands on the AR 8 enabled iPhone.

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So we were amazed at what can be done with the Apple Pencil, and I’m sure you’re getting as much out of it as possible . We’d love to know how you use it and your opinions about what can be done with it. Write it down in comments .


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