That’s how he talked about Steve Jobs and creativity Scott Forstall in his last interview

The figure of Steve Jobs still maintains a high interest as to fill newspapers, magazines, blogs. Despite having died more than 7 years ago, in October 2011, Jobs remains an indispensable figure to understand technology today and of course also the company he founded in 1976 with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Scott Forstall was another key figure in Apple’s history. He was vice president of iOS at Apple for several years until he left the company in 2013 to pursue other projects. In an interview conducted last October and published yesterday, Forstall talked about how his former boss and friend Steve Jobs favored creativity.

That’s how he talked about Steve Jobs and creativity Scott Forstall in his last interview
That’s how he talked about Steve Jobs and creativity Scott Forstall in his last interview

Scott Forstall has been out of Apple for more than five years now. In this time he has mainly devoted himself to Broadway production. However Forstall doesn’t keep a bad image of the company of the apple or of the great figure Steve Jobs. So much so that he lavishes praise on it every time he’s asked in an interview.

Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall

Philosophy Talk published yesterday an episode entitled “The Creative Life”, La Vida Creativa translated into Spanish. This episode, which was shared on YouTube, features an interview with Scott Forstal in which he was asked what it was like to work for Steve Jobs and to what extent his relationship influenced creativity.

“I think that when we were working on a given project, on new features, we protected that outbreak of a new idea and were very careful with it. Certainly, if we came to a point where the idea wasn’t good, we’d throw it away but the moment we considered whether it was worth it or not, we supported it 100%. You can really create a positive environment to support creativity. Scott Forstall recalled his time working with Steve Jobs.

Forstall also explained a curious method that Apple used to support creativity . This was that every time a Mac OS X release was finished the team was allowed a whole month to work on whatever they wanted. Forstall remembered how without putting any limits they could come up with incredible ideas. Once that month was over, everyone presented their ideas and in one of those creative periods the idea of what would later become Apple TV was born.

Forstall told a story about the iPod nano

Another question asked of Forstall in the interview was about risk-taking in creative fields . In response, Forstall recalled how they took risks in launching iPod nano before iPod mini:

“I think you’re always taking risks. Once at Apple we had been close to bankruptcy and came out with the iPod and it sold well; we had the best selling product per unit in the history of the company. Then we came out with the iPod nano. We knew we were going to develop it and we cancelled the whole iPod mini line even before we shipped the new product. This could have devastated the company but we did it because we believed in it and took the risks.

You can see the full interview with Scott Forstall by clicking here. From La Manzana Mordida we believe that it is very interesting not only to know less known aspects of Apple but also to know how creativity is encouraged in a sector like the technological one that nowadays misses a lot the innovation that we saw in the past with almost any new product that was brought to the market.

What do you think of these statements by Scott Forstall about the methods of Steve Jobs and Apple itself? Leave your impressions in the comments.

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