That’s how close the Mac Pro’s 800+ euro wheels are

In addition to the launch of the second-generation SE in the middle of this week, Apple also took the opportunity to update its official site with the offer of the Mac Pro Wheel Kit which costs more than an iPhone 11. This continues to add to the list of accessories from the Bite Apple and third parties that make the computer come at stratospheric prices.

The Mac Pro is a computer whose features can only be fully exploited by a specific audience, such as special effects animators, designers or other activities that require great graphic power. From this select group of customers there are already a couple who have decided to make the investment and have not hesitated to share their first impressions, now available for sharing.

That’s how close the Mac Pro’s 800+ euro wheels are
That’s how close the Mac Pro’s 800+ euro wheels are

According to information published in 9to5mac, some users of accounts in the Asian social network Weibo, already show the Mac Pro wheel kit in all its glory . All four wheels are included in the box along with a 14 to 4 mm hexagonal bit. Apple warns that “additional tools are required” to actually install the wheels on your Mac Pro, as announced on their website with the following message:

“Put your Mac Pro on wheels with the Mac Pro Wheel Kit. The custom-designed stainless steel and rubber wheels make it easy to move your Mac Pro, whether sliding under your desk or around your studio”

“Requires installation. Includes an Allen key from 14″ to 4 mm, but additional tools are required. Replacing the legs of the Mac Pro with wheels adds approximately 2.5 cm to the height of the frame”.

Apple Wheel Kit for Mac Pro

The photos below show the product photographed , by perhaps one of the first users to purchase it.

For the installation of the wheels, Apple suggests the purchase of a leg kit for Mac Pro , also available on its website for 349 euros.

Buy Mac Pro Leg Kit

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