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that’s how ‘Bounce’, the new AirPod ad, came about

Apple has the quality to make all the advertising spots of its products and services stay in our retinas. With ‘Bounce’, the new AirPod ad , is no different.

Bounce’ shows a man who, after picking up the AirPods (which are being recharged wirelessly, so they have the new case), goes out into the street to perform a series of gravity-defying jumps and spins to the tune of Tessellated’s I Learnt Some Jazz Today .

that’s how ‘Bounce’, the new AirPod ad, came about
that’s how ‘Bounce’, the new AirPod ad, came about

At AppleApple’s advertising agency appoints two new executives for iPhone and

The person in charge is TBWAMedia Arts Lab , Apple’s creative agency, which has told AdWeek the details of how they achieved the effects that can be seen in the video and that Mac Observer collects.

AirPods, those headphones that have become a pop phenomenon

Launched in late 2016 and with hundreds of millions of units sold, it is a fact that AirPods have become a mass phenomenon. Wherever you go, and despite their price, it’s almost impossible not to see someone with these headphones in their ears.

Such is its success that several manufacturers have tried to make their own versions following the same concept, even imitations have appeared with the W1 chip. In addition, they became the protagonists of some of the most recent and popular memes on Twitter and Instagram .

Although the second version was released last April with the wireless charging case as the main change, it is rumored that in a few months we could see the AirPods 3 with a new design .