that was the interview with Tim Cook

Tim Cook has appeared on the stage of the D11 event organized by All Things Digital , where as every year and following what Steve Jobs has started, he has talked about the current situation surrounding Apple and the strategy that Cupertino’s company is following. Let’s see what is the most relevant thing we have been able to hear in that talk, which lasted about ninety minutes.

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, who also repeat as interviewers at the event, did not hesitate to dedicate the first question to the apparent ” loss of the cool factor ” that Apple is experiencing as it is commented on the web. Tim has also not hesitated in his answer, arguing that it only takes a little perspective to see how big the achievement of selling 85 million iPhones and 42 million iPads is.

Cook has insisted that he sees no difference in the state of the company today and that of a few years ago in the midst of iOS’ expansion, and he remembers the time when the company was in serious danger fifteen years ago. However, he acknowledged that seeing how the share price evolves is “frustrating” and that we are in a cycle that they hope to overcome based on other times where the same thing has happened. In the end, the conclusion according to Tim is to continue focusing on making the best products.

Is Apple still a company capable of innovating by launching products that establish new markets? Apple’s CEO doesn’t doubt it, stating that in Cupertino’s offices they have great plans for the future and they continue to have “incredible” ideas from the same people who brought the iPhone and iPad revolutions.

Walt Mossberg has asked about the TV business, which has been surrounding the Apple rumors for years. Cook has responded by supporting the Apple TV, a product that has managed to sell 13 million units, and although they have not covered all the possibilities that this market offers, they have brought new products that users have requested.

“We are in a post-PC era. I don’t doubt it for a moment.” After five minutes of insistent refusal to reveal Apple’s concrete future plans in the face of Walt’s attempts and the laughter of the public, Google Glass has come to the fore. Cook believes that the market for wearable devices is very interesting and that many companies are going to bet on it with their own proposals ; and he believes that Apple could form another branch of its products with that market. But as always, nothing has been specified.

Android was not forgotten in the interview: Tim defended the current position of iOS with figures: “We are not the ones who make and sell the most products, but we are the ones who make the best products”. He also recalled that iOS is the most used when it comes to browsing and buying in online stores.

The first important news that Tim has revealed has been talking about the WWDC 2013 , where it has been said that will present the future of iOS and OS X and that Jonathan Ive has had a lot to do with the design of their interfaces as rumors have it. Unfortunately we will have to wait a couple of weeks before we see the first official images. And watch out, because Tim has said that the intention is to open up certain parts of the system to developers. But they would be parts of the system, no making iCloud compatible with Windows or Android or porting iOS applications to other platforms officially.

For all these changes, Tim has had to change many things that Steve Jobs had put in place. When asked by Kara what the differences are between Steve’s and Tim’s management, Cook said there are a lot of differences between the two, but they are the same in the most important things: focus, culture, finding what makes a product the best.

This in turn has led to major differences with competing products. One of the most pronounced differences is the size of the iPhone’s screen , which is becoming very small in comparison to the screens of competing smartphones. In view of the situation, Cook said that what Apple customers want is for the company to provide them with the most suitable screen, even if this entails risks. And for Apple, the best display is the iPhone 5 Retina Display.

The issue of money and Apple’s recent appearance in court has not gone unnoticed, with a Tim Cook who continues to defend at every turn a radical reform of the taxes that large corporations have to pay to move their money around the world. Tim basically wants to have more freedom to be able to operate with that money and thus, according to him, to be able to continue giving profits from which the United States can benefit.

And the acquisitions? Apple has been acquiring small companies with surgical precision, some of which have been announced and others not. Tim Cook rules out making a large acquisition, and although Apple is not one of the big winners in the world of social networks, Apple’s CEO prefers to keep the focus on making great products .

Finally Walt and Kara gave the audience a question time, from which we have extracted some interesting details:

  • Apple didn’t want to get into the game of acquiring Waze, the collaborative mapping and traffic platform that has been the subject of recent purchase rumors.
  • Tim argues that “many and many” improvements have been made to the iOS maps since its launch, and that they continue to invest money and work to make it even better. “There’s still a lot of work to be done.”
  • For Apple, the key applications for iPad are iLife and iWork. Programs like Pages and Garageband are among the top-selling apps on the App Store.
  • Tim has commented on some things about Samsung and the legal battles with that company. Again, the arguments are that the lawsuit was about securities and not about making money. Apple simply doesn’t want it to be blatantly plagiarized.
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    At Apple, the surprise factor in services is highly valued. Tim argues that he has some success in the social world with iMessage and Game Center, although at Cupertino they always want to launch products when they are ready and believe that consumers love surprises.

What conclusions can we draw after watching the whole interview? We see a Tim Cook who has had to put himself in a more defensive mode before the questions of the public and of Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, although he does it with the serenity and tranquility that defines him. Tim wanted to convey confidence in the face of the doubts of all users about whether the best days for the company are over, defending what has been achieved so far and what will come in two weeks and this autumn.

that was the interview with Tim Cook
that was the interview with Tim Cook

It was a ” quiet, we are doing well “. In two weeks we’ll see if Apple manages to recover that confidence in innovation that it has always had.

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