that of your online orders

He descargado todos los datos que Apple tiene sobre mí y esto es lo que me he encontrado

Some time ago, the Apple Store’s website merged with the product sections of the portal in a minimalist and modern design, but there are always some of those corners that remain with old designs to ensure their proper functioning. This is the case of the section of the website that showed our orders .

that of your online orders
that of your online orders

Apple has finally brought it up to date, with a look on par with the rest of the site. 9to5Mac has screenshots of someone who has placed a recent order (you can only see those orders placed in the last 18 months and one server has been standing for a while without purchases), and the differences are obvious.

Each product order on the Apple Online Store is now displayed in a large image , with its status clearly marked just below. So, at a glance, you can see the shipping status of something you’ve purchased and are waiting for. By clicking on each product you get a slightly more detailed view with additional data and a direct access to the invoice.

If it’s been less than a year and a half since you made a purchase through Apple’s official website, you can see the change for yourself. Just go to and click on the shopping bag icon at the far right of the top bar. There you will find the link to ‘Orders’ or ‘Orders’, depending on the language in which you open the website.

I recommend you to try with the American website, because in the case of the Spanish website we still continue with the old design . I suppose it will be a matter of time before they update the look to more countries.

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