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that knowing where you parked doesn’t mean doing anything on your iPhone

Porsche se niega a implementar Android Auto por los datos que recaba Google de sus coches

There’s something as simple as knowing where you’ve parked your car that can sometimes turn into a nightmare. Whether it’s because of misdirection (I don’t mean that as a bad thing, we’ve all been there), too big a parking lot or a rush, it can take a long time to find it. And in cases where the parking is paid for, that can be an extra penalty for us.

that knowing where you parked doesn’t mean doing anything on your iPhonethat knowing where you parked doesn’t mean doing anything on your iPhone

That’s why there are quite a few solutions for locating such a car using the GPS of smartphones or some other accessory. But the vast majority of them ask us to do some action, which we can forget about. That’s where the Tuture application comes in, which already does all the work without us having to do anything .

Parking spots are determined by detecting speed changes with the iPhone’s sensors

What Tuture does is record our movements and their speed (including physical activity so that we know we are walking), so that we can know when we have stopped driving and started moving on foot. This change involves a parking point , which records automatically. And if we are in an underground car park, the exit we have appeared at will be saved so that at least we have some guidance. And we can always save a parking space manually if all this fails.

The only thing you have to do is to have the application active, even in the background, so that all those movements can be recorded. If for some reason we restart the phone or the application closes, we’ll get a maximum of three notifications to let us know that we need to activate it again.

Tuture’s business model is not too far from other applications freemium : we can download it for free, but every time we open it it will show us an ad that we will have to skip or pay 9.99 euros to remove them all. Another detail is that you have to register by entering information such as our sex or the make and model of our car, which I do not find absolutely necessary for what this application does.

Other points to polish are the interface a bit overloaded, and the availability of only one language to which a better translation is needed : English. However, since the ace in the hole of Tuture is precisely that you don’t have to open the application to make it work, it can become a useful tool for those who often forget where they parked their car.

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