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Thanks to iPhone 6 Apple Announces Revenue Record

Apple achieves record revenues with the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple is set to announce a record ?110 billion in revenue from sales of its luxury electronics this year through September, driven by growing demand for the latest iPhone models.

CEO Tim Cook said last week that the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which went on sale on September 19th , had “set a new record” in sales and in the number of upgrades for all users who wanted to get one of them.

Thanks to iPhone 6 Apple Announces Revenue Record
Thanks to iPhone 6 Apple Announces Revenue Record

Wall Street is forecasting that the Californian company has sold 38 million iPhones in the third quarter of the year, which represents an increase of 12% in the same period of the year with 34 million mobiles sold by Apple

Revenue for the quarter is forecast to reach nearly $40 billion , bringing Apple’s annual turnover to $181 billion, up from $171 billion last year and over $65 billion in 2010.

iPhone 6, a short but very intense life

Although the iPhone 6 and the larger 6 Plus have only been on sale for the last ten days of the September quarter, buyers have taken delivery of 10 million of the new devices during their first weekend on sale, and the impact on revenues is expected to be very significant.

During the launch of the iPad last week, Tim Cook said: “These iPhones have become the fastest-selling iPhones in history. In the first 30 days we have come to set a new record for the number of devices that have been reserved and purchased. And I’m not talking about a small margin. It has been by quite a bit.

According to Bloomberg’s average analyst forecast, revenues are expected to exceed 64 billion in the quarter ending December.

On a note that may be less positive for the company, demand for the iPad is declining , with a forecast of $13 million sold during the September quarter, compared to $14 million the previous year. This would mark the third consecutive quarter of decline in sales of the company’s tablet. Buyers seem less willing to upgrade their tablets as often as their phones, and are willing to give other manufacturers like Samsung a chance.

The iPad Air 2, Apple’s first tablet to use its fingerprint scanner, goes on sale this week, with a sales forecast of 24 million according to RBC Capital Markets in the December quarter, slightly higher than the same date last year.

“Demand continues to be good in all areas and iPhone sales will keep these records rising,” said RBC analyst, Amit Daryanani , in a note. As indicated by TheGuardian, we will see if the forecasts are finally met and if iPhone sales continue to rise between now and the end of this year.

What has become quite clear is that the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has followed something very positive for the company that in a short time has seen great benefits thanks to the sale of it. We will see what the official figures are at the end of the last quarter of the year and if Tim Cook’s reach a new record

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