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TextExpander now has iPhone application

“Smile on my Mac”:http:
The fabulous TextExpander add-on that is able to memorize keyboard shortcuts and replace them with the text we specify, has just released a “touch” version as they call it, compatible with the iPhone OS .

“TextExpander”:http: The application consists of a notepad that incorporates all the power of the application’s predefined keyboard shortcuts , so that we can enter text really quickly and much more comfortably. Then we can copy and paste the text in the chosen application or transfer the text directly to specific applications such as Mail for example or the main Twitter clients for Apple’s mobile platform.

TextExpander now has iPhone applicationTextExpander now has iPhone application

They also incorporate the possibility of synchronizing the snippets or text shortcuts between the iPhone and the Mac, thank goodness because re-introducing one by one the infinite shortcuts that many users have would have been very tedious.

I’m a complete fan of TextExpander for Mac since its early beginnings, I think it’s a basic application for any machero, now the iPhone application seems to me ridiculously expensive (4 euros) for what it offers, a notebook with steroids and four interaccesses to typical iPhone applications like Mail or Safari, of course I would have bought it for a more reasonable price like 0.79 euros, but never at 4 euros.

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