Tesla confirms that he’s in conversations with Apple


We’ve been hearing bells about a possible alliance between Apple and Tesla Motors for some time now, and just this week the SFGate newspaper placed , Apple’s head of mergers and acquisitions , Adrian Perica, at the same table as Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car company and a notable American entrepreneur. Tim Cook would also have attended the meeting, giving wings to the rumors of a buyout and making Tesla’s shares a good rebound.

Tesla confirms that he’s in conversations with Apple
Tesla confirms that he’s in conversations with Apple

Today, Musk confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg his meeting with Apple. “We have had conversations with Apple but I can’t comment on whether it revolved around any kind of acquisition” . Even so, Elon assures that the possibility of selling the company is very remote and when asked by the interviewer what he would say to Apple if he wanted to enter the car business, the entrepreneur only answered with a smile “I would probably tell them that I think it is a great idea” .

As exciting as the idea of Apple rushing to make electric cars sounds, it’s really not the only possibility on the table. Musk announced last month its intention to build a huge lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant “in collaboration with some other companies”, something that is surely also in the apple’s interest given its efforts to move some production to the United States and stop depending on suppliers like Samsung or Sony.

Nor can we rule out that these conversations were not only focused on Tesla, but also on other Musk related companies such as SolarCity (the largest supplier of solar energy systems in the United States) or even Halcyon Molecular (biotechnology). Everyone knows about the efforts Apple is making to use clean and renewable energy or the rumors of the shift towards health that could come with iOS 8 and iWatch.

As a side note to all this, it is interesting to remember that less than six months ago Tesla hired vice president of Mac hardware design at Apple, Doug Field, for new vehicle development. Doug has products like MacBook Air and iMac under his belt, and may be doing his part to bring the interests of both companies together in the future.


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