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Tengami Launch Delayed Again

Tengami launch for iOS delayed again

Finally we will have to wait until 2014 to enjoy Tengami. For the time being, we’ll have to make do with the trailer of the iOS application that has seen the light. Besides, everything points to the fact that in January it will be possible to download it, although there is nothing confirmed.

At first, Nyamayam, the game’s developer, announced that the game would be available by the end of the summer of this year. Later it announced that it would be for the end of this year and now it seems that we will have to wait until 2014 to be able to immerse ourselves in the adventures within this “pop-up” game.

Tengami Launch Delayed Again
Tengami Launch Delayed Again

We assume that it will be already for next year, because iTunes Connect (where developers upload their applications to be valued by Apple) has closed its virtual doors for holidays, until almost the end of this year (until December 27th).

Tengami is an adventure game, full of wonder and mystery , that takes place in ancient Japan. You have to interact with a pop-up book (three-dimensional book in which you can move, stretch and other parts of it to make it move).

You have to solve the puzzles to move forward and discover secrets. You can explore a world of very well-crafted relief drawings in a style inspired by traditional Japanese crafts.

Perfection seems to be the reason for the delay

It is believed that this series of delays in the release of the game is due to the fact that its Nyamyan developers want everything to be perfect and not to have any mistakes. This would release a game that, so to speak, would be perfect and not lead to its users being upset by any bugs it might have , as we can read in AppAdvice.

From what we’ve seen, the graphics are impressive and it has awesome gameplay, making it an almost unique game on the App Store . iOS users will be the first to be able to enjoy this fantastic game, hopefully, in early 2014.

It’s really worth waiting for an app like this, where you immerse yourself in ancient Japan and explore increasingly complicated screens , with a totally new design, rarely seen by the app store on the block.

This game has received several international recognitions , being finalist in the IndieCade 2012 (International Festival of Independent Games) and in the Develop Showcase 2013, among other recognitions.

iOS will be the first platform on which to play and is scheduled to be available for Mac, Wii-U and Windows in 201. We’ll be privileged to be able to enjoy this application before anyone else.

As soon as it is available, we will inform you of the launch so that you can enjoy it on your iPad or iPhone. It looks like it’s not going to be long now.