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Ten tips for using Google Maps on our iPhone

After a triumphant return to the App Store that allowed it to become the most downloaded application in the Apple App Store, just a few hours after its launch, it has even increased the number of users who have made the leap to iOS 6. Of course, we’re talking about Google Maps. Just in case we hadn’t discovered all that was hidden in its entrails, the company of the famous search engine wanted to publish a list of guidelines that will help us to squeeze the most out of its map service.

That the reception of Google Maps in iOS has been simply overwhelming is not new either. In spite of this, the multinational company Mountain View has seen fit to publish a series of tips that will allow us to achieve, if possible, a better user experience in their map service.

Place a marker on the map

Ten tips for using Google Maps on our iPhone
Ten tips for using Google Maps on our iPhone

Placing a marker will be as easy as pressing and holding any location on the map. The resulting information sheet will provide additional options such as saving the location or accessing Street View.

Street view

To see panoramic images in Street View, just click and hold the desired location on the map; in the resulting information sheet, we only have to select the image. Once you have accessed this view, you can explore your favourite locations in two different ways, thanks to the scrolling icon in the bottom left corner or by using both the accelerometer and the gyro on your phone.

Shake to send comments

If you want to help us improve the application, either by sending a comment to report a bug , a specific modification in the maps or even a suggestion, you just have to shake your smartphone to contact Google.

Slide to see more

By performing any search or looking for an address, we can scroll left and right through the information sheet to see additional results. If we find one we like, we can select it or move it up to receive more details.

Toggle between different views

By touching the three points on the bottom right or by sliding with two fingers from right to left, we can alternate between the satellite, traffic or public transport views.

Preview in navigation

When we have activated the Navigation mode, we will be able to preview the next step of our route if we move the upper bar to the left. To continue navigation, simply select Reset , while the bottom bar will allow you to toggle between the estimated time to complete your route and the remaining distance.

One-finger zoom

To zoom in or out of a map with one finger, we can tap twice with one finger wherever we want, keeping the second tap and moving the finger up or down.

Work and Home

Get home or to work quickly by saving their corresponding locations. From the button My profile, we can export them to all our devices.

Compass mode

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Activating the compass mode by pressing twice the button My location , will allow us to read the map in the same direction we are looking at.

Save places

Thanks to this function, we can save all our favourite places for quick access. These will also be automatically synchronized on all our devices and will appear on our map and in our searches. Saving a place is as simple as selecting the star icon on the information sheet of a location or place.

Did you know about these new features? Be that as it may, at first glance seems to be quite useful advice, but as always, the ideal would be to follow it, step by step, with our iPhone at hand in order to put it into practice.

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