Telegram updates itself incorporating interesting functions

The popular Telegram messaging app has been updated to version 4.0 for iOS . This update introduces three exciting new features: video messaging, bots payments and quick view.

Telegram allows you to send video messages

The main feature added in this new update is support for video messages. Now, with version 4.0 Telegram users can send video messages in two different ways: using the microphone icon which now allows us to switch to a camera mode. From there we simply press to record our video or if we slide up we can record in hands free mode.

Telegram updates itself incorporating interesting functions
Telegram updates itself incorporating interesting functions

Video messages in Telegram

The new version brings us news on the channels

Now from the blue messaging application we are introduced to, a new service that allows everyone to view the video messages of public channels.

Also bots now support payments . This means that users of these bots can order a pizza, buy something or even pay bills using this new system integrated with the bots. Can this be improved? Yes, in iOS the bots support Apple Pay , making it incredibly easy to pay within the same messaging application.

Now you can pay via Telegram

Telegram incorporates Quick View

Finally, one of the main new features in version 4.0 is the Quick View . With this new feature the instant messaging app allows you to read articles directly from the application , as well as creating previews when a Quick Look editor. This function is very similar to the one we already know from Facebook so we can read articles without leaving the platform.

Telegram presents Quick View

Are you a computer programmer? Well, you’re in luck because Telegram has launched a contest in which will award $200,000 to the one who is able to integrate Quick Look with the entire website . You can see all the requirements to participate in its own channel in the application or by clicking here.

Telegram competition to integrate Quick View with the entire website

If you like this messaging application you probably already knew about the recently added features like voice calls , you can read more about them here.

Are you a Telegram user? Have you already upgraded to version 4.0 on your iOS device? What do you think about these new features they have added? Leave us your opinion in the comment box below and we’ll be happy to read it to you!

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