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Telegram receives an update and now has stickers

Telegram has just received a new update and incorporates a feature that came with LINE and later also Facebook Messenger: the stickers .

This new version of the multi-platform instant messaging client incorporates, for the time being on an experimental basis, the stickers. Telegram has opted for stickers with caricatures of famous people and, for the moment, the list of available stickers is scarce, although they announce that it will grow in the coming weeks.

Telegram receives an update and now has stickersTelegram receives an update and now has stickers

The way Telegram has integrated the use of stickers is a little strange and, at the moment, quite uncomfortable. Instead of having a space dedicated to them directly, they have chosen to place them with the emojis. In this new version of the app, when writing an emoji that has a sticker associated with it, we will see a balloon appear in which it shows us and by touching it we will be able to send it to the person or group we want. We assume that this way of working is temporary and that when it stops being an experimental function it will be a little more comfortable to use.

As we said before, the list of stickers available on Telegram is quite limited. There are only a handful of them and they all represent famous people. For example, the smile emoji shows a sticker of Steve Jobs smiling and the kiss emoji shows a sticker of Marilyn Monroe.

The description of the update ensures that dozens more stickers will soon arrive in the app , although the date of their arrival is not yet known. So while this is happening, we have to make do with the ones that are already there and keep looking through the emoticons to see all the ones available, as not all emoticons have an associated one.

Telegram is a completely free app and is available for various platforms. Its operation is basically identical to WhatsApp, although in its favour we must say that has more features and takes users’ privacy much more seriously . If you don’t have Telegram yet you can download it for iPhone or iPad through the top box.

What do you think of this new Telegram feature? Definitely some very nice stickers.