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Telegram is updated with interesting improvements in the groups

Telegram wants administrators to have much more power in the groups and that is why has launched a new update where they have implemented new content controls in the groups. With this measure they will try to restrict certain types of messages or multimedia content.

WhatsApp is certainly the queen of instant messaging applications but Telegram is in a good position too with millions of users using it daily . With this new update they want to offer several new features that many users have been asking for and which we hope will reduce the spread of Fake News.

Telegram is updated with interesting improvements in the groups
Telegram is updated with interesting improvements in the groups

As we say, the news of this update will be enjoyed by the administrators of the groups in Telegram. Specifically, the update notes found in the App Store are as follows:

  • Administrators will have the ability to restrict all members of a group from submitting specific content such as pictures, videos or GIFs.
  • Settings preferences have been greatly simplified and can be promoted to administrators much more easily or switched between private and public groups or vice versa more easily. In short, the settings are much easier to use.
  • Now the limit of participants in a Telegram group is increased from 100,000 to 200,000.

Not all the improvements have been focused on groups, but since Telegram they have added other new features for all users which are the following:

  • Possibility to undo the deletion of a chat with a margin of 5 seconds. This will allow us to go back when we have deleted a chat or history by mistake.
  • Enhanced search field.
  • New animations when uploading or downloading multimedia.
  • Improved loading speed in media preview.
  • New way to share proxy server links through QR codes.

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These new features correspond to the version 5.2 that you can find in the App Store and in the Google Play Store. We find these new features quite interesting and they may prevent the spread of false information. Administrators will now be able to limit the sharing of certain multimedia content, so will be a pretty interesting plan against Fake News in these groups that can now host up to 200,000 people.

We hope that Telegram will continue to work to incorporate new features such as these to provide a better user experience. Leave your comments in the comment box to tell us what you think about these new features in version 5.2.

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